Independent Safety Evaluation

Online Reporting

Independent Safety Evaluation Ltd offers a unique ‘cloud based’ online reporting service by Field ID. Field ID (owned by MASTER LOCK) are the largest risk reporting company in the U.S. Clients using this software include Boeing and Walmart.

The server based cloud can securely holds the following data:

  • Previous and current LOLER examination reports
  • Photographs of deficiencies
  • Lift information such as EC Declaration of Conformity, proof load tests, supplementary testing 


Our surveyors will use IOS devices to undertake the thorough examination. If a signifiant deficiency is found the surveyors are in a position to immediately email a PDF LOLER Report of the findings to both the client and the lift maintenance company for the site. 


Key benefits include:

  • Paperless secure storage of lift data
  • Ease of reporting using PDF 
  • Secure individual client ‘log in’ using a specific ‘username / password’
  • The ability for the client to view all of their installations and workflow detailing when examinations have been carried out and when future examinations are due
  • Increased efficiency 
  • Reduced liability