LOLER Examinations

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998 apply to all businesses in the UK that have lifting plant and undertake lifting operations.

Landlords and duty holders are responsible for maintaining passenger lifts and for ensuring that periodic [every six months] thorough examinations of these lifts are carried out. LOLER requires that these periodic inspections are conducted by an ‘independent competent person’. ISE is that independent competent person.

“The ‘independent competent person’ requirement, outlined in LOLER is very important. In effect LOLER stipulates that it is not appropriate for incumbent maintenance providers to ‘mark their own homework’.”

Christopher Dello, ISE

What Makes Our LOLER Service Exceptional

ISE’s LOLER examination service has been developed exclusively to meet the needs of the residential property management sector.

As specialists in this sector, we know the bug-bears, little niggles and time issues involved in maintaining statutory compliance for in-service lifts. That’s why we provide a number of value-added benefits with our examination services.

To make life easier our annual LOLER examination contract (2 x 6 monthly examinations) comes with key added value benefits.

Added Value with ISE

Free 24/7 telephone support

We are available to help and support you throughout
the year, not just at the time of examinations. For any
queries or advice, our telephone hotline is available to
our clients 24/7.
As an example, some customers have used our telephone
support line to query issues arising from new or existing
regulations, others need advice or have questions on
unexpected servicing or repair costs from maintenance
companies. Whatever the query, we are here to help.

We work around you

If you’d prefer a long-term plan of examinations, we
can do that. If you need our LOLER service in a hurry
we can accommodate that too. When you need
examinations completed out of working hours –
whenever that maybe for you – that’s no problem. The
important thing is that we never stop focusing on the
safety of your lifts.
We have an absolute commitment to adhere to market
leading examination standards and quality. Whether
complex or straightforward, we have the technical
expertise and experience to handle your lift engineering
This is backed by our unrelenting pursuit of exceptional
client care. We like to think that we are personable,
exacting and efficient.

We assist you with the Burden of Responsibility

Our LOLER service provides clarity and assurance
to our residential property management clients. It
helps lighten the burden of responsibility on the
property management teams – after all it is our area of
As part of this service, we track and monitor your
maintenance and service schedules. This ensures that
planned preventative maintenance visits are carried out
in a timely manner to the correct standard.
Should a defect be identified during our LOLER
examinations, we can then also act as the mediator (i.e.
your authorised person) between the lift duty holder
and the incumbent maintenance provider if requested.
On your behalf, we also evaluate and consider any
proposals for additional works suggested by a
maintenance provider. This will guarantee that your
clients’ money is spent wisely and appropriately to
maintain the safe and efficient operation of the lift(s).
Our aim is always to balance ‘cost vs risk and maintain
risk to ‘as low as reasonably practical’.

Our Reports Are Instantly Accessible

We don’t make you wait for your statutory LOLER
reports. Our cloud-based reporting means all
examination reports and site records are accessible at a
click within 24 hours of examination.
We can submit our findings while on site, and our
e-reporting platform means you can access current and
historic PDF reports at anytime, from your desktop or
free mobile app. It’s that easy.
As a matter of course, we email all reports to both
the lift maintenance incumbents and the property
management companies. On your behalf, we request
that immediate attention is given to any safety critical
deficiencies found and that quotations are submitted
for non-contract works. This is of huge benefit to our
busy property management clients.
Our reports also contain photographic evidence
so clients can see ‘the what, where and why’ of our
examination findings.
ISE’s market leading technology gives our clients
access to the data they need, when they need it. As a
result, our clients never need to worry about finding
that all-important report or any lift related documents
as we have them securely stored on our online portal
ready for instant access.